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CoH Lives!

>.> it's ALIVE!!!!!

o.o instructions here in the forum, or check out our Steam Group page. Hope to see everyone soon!

Paragon Chat

The wizards at the Titan Networks have released Paragon Chat! It is a tool which allows the use of the Issue 24 Beta client as an environment to chat in. It is not a game, but it is great to create characters and see people talking in the zones again.

City of Heroes Offline

<_< >_>

o.o one of the hush hush projects is coming along.. check the forum section under CoH/V...

Gallery Updated!

Sitting catgirl.

The Image Gallery for the Legion of Catgirls has been updated, and should work better.

After City of Heroes

Please join the forums to find where else the Legion is playing, and to discuss where, when, and how you might join us there!

There is a Legion of Catgirls group on Steam, which includes a Group Chat. That's an easy way to keep up the happy catgirl chatter we all enjoyed so much!

Please be warned that the NCSoft Launcher will erase your City of Heroes clients - including your logs, screenshots, and demorecords!


Sentinel+ Character Extractor ready!

Titan Atom Logo

The folks at the Titan Network have built a tool that allows you to extract and save a copy of almost all the details of your character. This could be used to create the character elsewhere, or to place them in demorecords.

Take the time and use this tool now before your VIP expires, or you can't get to your characters to log them in!

The tool is at - take care of this now!

We are heroes. This is what we do.

Titan Networks Logo

Please visit the forums at,4882.0.html

Over on the Titan Network website, TonyV writes:


Remember those words.

City of Heroes Shutting down.

Bad news from NCSoft today. They've decided to shut down City of Heroes. There's an official posting at

Rumors are flying, but IGN says Novermber 30 will be the last day:

Please log in and discuss other games to play and ways to keep in touch!

Legion of Catgirls website update!


After way too long, the website finally got some attention! Welcome here to talk about everything!

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