Its baaaack

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Will the Legion be setting up Task Force runs? On which server?


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think everyones over on indomnitable

I am on Excelsior at the moment, but moving isn't that hard. I can at least move my cat-girl toon over.

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Feh. All my characters are on Excelsior at the moment; finished participating in a Tanker Tuesday a short while ago, getting my recreated LoC character, Zabastovka Molniy, from 12 to 16 doing the first Positron TF.

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I'm on Everlasting, since it's the unofficial RP server. Ashen isn't playing, though. His eyes aren't really up to games anymore, even after his surgeries and everything. But my global name is @Iliaster, in case anyone wants to add me <3 I'm still more commonly found in ESO these days, but I'm around :)